Boswellia Serrata

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Boswellia is a tree that grows in India and the Arabic countries. After use in metabolism, it produces boswellic acids of triterpene structure that have medicinal effects on the human body. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine it has been used for centuries to treat inflammations of joints, bones, back pain, it improves breathing and efficiently fights against cold.

It belongs to natural expectorants, antiseptics and anxiolytics. Modern research has shown that boswellic acids have:

  • analgetic effect,
  • impact on reducing of inflammation in rheumatic diseases,
  • positive effect on the liver and digestion,
  • positively affects the immune system,
  • impact on the improvement of memory,
  • positive effect on asthma,
  • has strong effects against overall aging process.

Boswellic acids have a buffering effect on the activity of interleukins and leukotrienes that support and keep inflammatory processes in any organ. It is also worth to mention the fact that they have strong anti-cancer effects.

Boswellia is very efficient and valuable for sport medicine. Amateur or professional sporting people are always at risk of tension in motoric organs, especially joints, tendons and ligaments. After intense physical activity and training, spastic skeletal muscles and even pro-inflammatory exudates often occur. Boswellia supports the regeneration of such tissues and prevents undesirable inflammations.

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