Universal Animal Pak Vitamins 44 Packs

All essential nutrients in one package

Price 27,00 €

Vitamins • Minerals • Antioxidants • Adaptogens • Amino-acids • EFA • digestive enzymes • Optimizers of effectivity • Energetic complex

ANIMAL PAK represents an original product created in 1983 that was designed for the needs of professional sportsmen and people that are extremely serious about exercising. This brand has gained deserved respect and trust. You don’t need to look for anything new. ANIMAL PAK is a specially developed basic nutrient supplement that has 35 years of successful use. Designed for demanding, dedicated sportsperson worldwide.

The benefits of the ANIMAL PAK product:

· 44 doses in one package

· Easy dosage thanks to “PACKOM”

· Complex composition with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, EFA and digestive enzymes

· Source of energy

· Thanks to the optimizers, every ingredient is more effective


Take one packet with breakfast or any other meal. Drink sufficient water afterward. For those that are competing or are doing high-intensity training, it is recommended to consume 2 packets a day. Take individual doses 4-12 hours apart.

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Universal Animal Pak Vitamins 44 Packs
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